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Artwork by Matthew Warlick



The first Material Vessel was created by accident more than a decade ago while I was working in an ad agency as an Art Director. At the time I didn’t think much of it. Years later, another emerged without fanfare. Satiated for the time being, they would hover in the background for many years to come, slowly unraveling their stories while growing in strength and number.

More were created as time allowed, but I never could shake the feeling that they wanted more. And so as time grew so did their presence and persistence, until one day they could’t be silenced or ignored. They didn’t want more. They demanded it. And so a deal was struck to birth them into the world as often as possible.

They now spill out into the cosmos whenever they can, and serve as both testament to growth, change and longevity as well as to ego, pride and the temporal nature of the universe. They are art therapy for the soul. At least they are for mine. They are the best and worst of me all at once. I hope you enjoy them.

Third Personal Narrative

Matthew Warlick creates full time from his home studio in Dallas, Texas, surrounded by his girlfriend, 2 dogs and 3 cats. To learn more visit

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Material Vessel

1. a container used to house an incorporeal energy or entity.

2. the physical manifestation of an abstract idea or concept.

3. thought made form through art and ritual.


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“I don't know what they all mean, but looking at them makes me feel like I'm on drugs...or should be.”


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